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Residential & Commercial Roof Inspections

We offer residential and commercial roof inspections to ensure the safety of your property after years of wear and tear. At Roof Riders Unlimited, we take the structural integrity of your home seriously and keep your home or business free of hazards and looking its very best. Our team targets weather damage and structural problems, offering detailed inspections to keep you informed on any concerns or necessary repairs.

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Benefits of Roof Maintenance Services From Roof Riders Unlimited

At Roof Riders UnlimDuring each of our inspections, we will check for a variety of warning signs and repair needs, including:ited, we offer extensive roof repair services, including:

Interior water stains

Missing Fascia Metal

Interior mold

Standing water on the roof deck

Debris or excessive vegetation

Missing Shingles or Roof Vents

Clogged or overspilling Gutters

Pooling water on the roof

Other Tears and cracks in the roof covering

High Wind Areas

As we inspect your home, our experts will recommend the best methods to improve your roofing and get the repairs necessary to secure your property and promote the health and well-being of your family and employees. Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection and learn more about our maintenance services for your property in Dauphin and Lebanon County, PA.

Preventative Roofing Services For Home & Business Owners

Whether you are a new property owner, have experienced severe weather, or need assistance with debris removal, Roof Riders Unlimited is readily available to assist with all  your roof maintenance needs. Our licensed and insured contractors specialize in all areas of roofing and pride themselves on exceptional preventative maintenance for your local property.

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